Just read this in the UK Independent

Scientists are developing a drug which mimics all the positive effects of being drunk without any of the health risks, addiction – or hangovers.

The “serious revolution in health” is being pioneered by the former Government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt, and has been described as doing for alcohol what the e-cigarette has done for tobacco use.

It targets neurotransmitters in the brain directly, giving the taker feelings of pleasure and disinhibition that are in some cases “indistinguishable” from the effects of drinking. Yet because it acts directly, it can also be immediately blocked by taking an antidote – with “drinkers” potentially able to then drive or return to work straight away.


Big fan of Prof Nutt but not sure how I feel about this.

4 thoughts on “Just read this in the UK Independent

  1. Yeuch.. the thought makes me feel sick for some reason. Don’t want to have that blurry feeling even if it is harmless…

  2. Yeah I know what you mean Mrs D. This article created ambivalence in me too. It’s not just the health risks that are the problem but the impact on society too.

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