Daily Archives: 15/11/2013

The Doner Kebab effect ….

In my drinking life a Friday night was never better than finished off with a Doner Kebab.  They always tasted so good after a heavy night on the sauce.

I spent the day with a Diabetic Nurse Specialist yesterday and now I know why.  Alcohol is pure sugar so initially it drives your blood sugar up – my appetite used to disappear once I started to drink.  Then it drops it into your boots as the body has to muster large amounts of  insulin to process all the sugar as it is broken down and carbohydrates is one way you fix a low blood sugar or ‘hypo’.  The human body is a beautiful and genius thing and knows even when you are three sheets to the wind that you need to eat!  It also explains that carb craving you get with a hangover as the body needs a full English breakfast to mop up all the sugar from the alcohol.  Ever wondered why people swear by iron-bru, lucozade or flat coca-cola as a hangover cure?  It’s how you treat low blood sugar too.

Anyway not something I’ll have to contend with tonight or tomorrow morning and no fight club in my head this Friday night 🙂 Day 55 feels good …