Daily Archives: 18/11/2013

Monday Morning you sure look fine!

As a Fleetwood Mac fan this song just fitted the bill today.  Although we were up late talking and the alarm clock felt like it went too early – this morning felt great.  In my old life I would have over-indulged with said friend over dinner and would be regretting it this morning and using caffeine to kick start my brain and paracetamol to dull the hangover.

This struck me more this morning than any other time so far as although there have been other social events that we have attended as non-drinkers, this was the first one at home.  I was someone who preferred to drink at home as then there were no breaks on how much I quaffed.  When out socially I was always aware of my drinking and so would moderate or try to anyway!  Although there have been big milestones along the way already this felt like a really big deal on day 58 🙂