Daily Archives: 03/12/2013

Pink cloud alert!

So being an avid reader of other sober blogs I had heard talk of this thing called a ‘pink cloud’ or as someone else I know called it, a dry high.  I interpreted this as a feeling of euphoria and elation at being sober – like all the sober planets had aligned.  I was somewhat in awe of the idea and hoped that one day this would be something that I might experience.

Well hello today.  This morning I awoke and the world rocked.  Nothing was going to put a dent in my good mood, not being slightly tired, not my boss being grumpy, not having to wait over an hour to see my daughter’s doctor.  Even when I looked in the mirror I saw myself kindly and not in my usual critical way.

And then as it is with me, I got fearful.  Whenever a good thing happens I start looking over my shoulder waiting for it to end or for a bad thing to follow quickly on it’s heels.  So right now I’m holding my breath for tomorrow morning and as Belle said when I told her ‘hold on tight and ride it for a long time’ Here’s hoping 🙂 Day 73.

Edited to add:

4 Dec: OMG I just had to add this as Brene Brown describes completely what I just wrote above in the last paragraph about foreboding joy!