Daily Archives: 04/12/2013

The scales don’t lie ….

Today I weighed myself and was amazed to see that I have lost 1/2 stone or 7lbs in weight.  This is since I stopped drinking and has been as a result of this and nothing else.

I haven’t increased the amount of exercise I’m doing – in fact I’ve cut down my running now it’s darker earlier, as I live in the middle of nowhere with no street lights, so can only run at week-ends.  I haven’t decreased the amount I’m eating or changed to a healthier diet – again in fact in the first 4-6 weeks I ate cake, sweets and chocolate like it was going out of fashion as I chased the sugar high I was no longer getting from booze.  All I have done is remove the alcohol.

So a quick back of a fag packet calculation would be:

1lb of fat contains roughly 4050 calories x 7lbs (lost) = 28350 calories (over 10 weeks) = 2835 less calories consumed a week

A bottle of dry wine is approximately 500 calories (2835 divided by 500 = 5.67) so I must have been drinking between 5-6 bottles a week to have lost that weight since I stopped.  And that’s minimum because I have no idea how many extra calories I was eating during those first few weeks of sugar craving ……

I have friends who joke that some of the cake that they eat is special as it has no calories – invisible calorie cake.  I must have been drinking more invisible calorie wine than I remember!! Day 74 and still on my pink cloud 🙂