Emotional hangover

So both hubby and I made it through Christmas and Boxing Day without drinking but not completely unscathed.  It would seem that for us at the moment we both struggle both pre and post the event or occasion and are snappy and argumentative with each other.  We were both ansty on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day morning we argued as if we had had a drink the day before.  I thought that with alcohol removed from our lives our disharmony would be reduced as hangovers and drinking were a major catalyst for a falling out.

What I am learning is that removing the substance isn’t a magic cure all and that we are both adapting to this new way of being.  Although we had remained strong externally and not picked up a drink the internal stuff is still shifting and nowhere near settled.  We both had our reasons to drink and they have not gone away.  Just choosing not to drink over Christmas doesn’t mean that we are immune from the influence or attitudes of those around us.

Yesterday I watched the Christmas Charity edition of ‘Come Dine with Me’ on C4.  I love this show as it makes me laugh and this episode was no different as it’s 4 celebrities were comedians.  What I did notice with interest is that the show wasn’t sponsored by a wine manufacturer as it used to be and two of the people featured didn’t drink.  Not only did they not drink but when at the end they opened champagne to toast the winner one of the contestants took a sip of the champagne and responded with a loud ‘yuck’, pulled a grimacing face and visibly recoiled from the glass.  I loved this women for doing this!

I guess the point of this post is that the physical hangovers may have stopped but the emotional ones take a lot longer to resolve and for me it is important not to expect too much of myself or of my other half as our relationship finds a new equilibrium during this first year.  Day 97 🙂

9 thoughts on “Emotional hangover

  1. I get this. PTNDS. Post traumatic not drinking syndrome. Seriously, I get grumpy after the event. Probably a drop in adrenaline, or a realisationthat there’s no parade to reward not having drunk. But there is here, from me: You’re doing just great. You had a sober Christmas! 97! 🙂

    1. I love that PTNDS!! That really made me laugh 🙂 Belle’s response was ‘you need treats. I can’t say it enough 🙂 every time you go through something heinous you need a reward’ So I’m off out for lunch with one of my oldest friends who is over from the States & I may be tempted into a little retail therapy 😉

  2. That’s what happens sometimes…ugh. We lose the booze, but that nagging thing that wants us to pick up is still there. those feelings and things bubbling under the surface don’t disappear easily. We know drinking may make it seem like the disappear, but it’s a mirage, ain’t it? It’s temporary, because in the end those things still linger like a bad smell. It’s in tackling those things that take us further from the cravings. Easy to say, huh? But I am so happy that you and hubby didn’t pick up. Better the snappy chatter than a drunken or hungover one. These things do settle down over time, though. I was an emotional mess for the first three months. It’s common. So just hang on right now, cowgirl 🙂

    Have a happy new year!


    1. Paul – ugh indeed :s We’re both hanging on and waiting for the emotional storm to pass. Hope you have a happy new year too! x

  3. I just want you to know how incredibly AWESOME and TRUE and ON THE MONEY you are with everything you post. You are a blessed gift and I am happy to have found you! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are making a difference and you are truly changes lives by sharing your story. You inspire me to put the glass of Pinot Noir down for once and for all.
    Mary from USA

    1. Hi Mary. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am so happy that what I write resonates with you and you are finding it helpful. Also so glad to hear you have put down the glass of Pinot 🙂 xx

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