11 thoughts on “Sober treat

  1. Thank you all kind ladies 🙂 I can make you one if you would like. All this non-drinking has allowed my rusty latent creative sewing skillls to re-emerge 🙂

  2. I looove this! How perfect!

    I am already planning my 100 day treat: I am currently making glass beads with a propane-fueled torch- and I am getting impatient with it’s slowless and lack of high heat. The next step up is a dual-fuel torch- propane plus oxygen. I’ve resisted going there because my studio is on the upper floor of our house, and I don’t want to put a tank of oxygen indoors for safety reasons. I was enchanted to learn a while ago that some of the dual fuel torches can get enough oxygen to function from a repurposed medical oxygen concentrator. This is what I am buying, this and a new torch!! It honestly makes me so excited that you could probably line up 14 exquisite crystal glasses of my favorite wine, chilled to perfection, in front of me- and I’d cheerfully smash them all in the fireplace whilst thinking of that new torch!! (although it might put out the fire, lol!)

    I may have to commission a Pink Cloud pillow from you, too!!

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