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How much did I drink?

The answer to this question would have depended on when and where I was in my drinking career.  The honest answer, that I am ashamed to admit, is anywhere between 50 and 150 units a week.  When I said in this post that I drank way more than the govt recommended guidelines here in the UK I wasn’t joking.  To provide some context 150 units is two bottles of wine a day and the alcoholics that I nursed drank anywhere between 150 and 300 units (which is just over a 1 litre bottle of 40% spirits a day) a week so I was indeed closer to their numbers than to the 14 units a week govt guidelines.

This 150 units a week peak was probably about 15 years ago in my unfettered singleton London living days where amongst my group of friends I was nowhere near the worst end of the drinking that we did.  Being able to ‘hold your drink’ and having a high tolerance was worn as a badge of honour.  These guys and gals were pro’s at the ‘dentist’s chair’

Dentist's Chair: England footballers including Teddy Sheringham were snapped playing the drinking game in a Hong Kong bar in the run-up to the Euro '96 tournament

that was popular in many of the Antipodean pubs that we frequented, because if you wanted to drink to excess and no one bat an eye then these were the place to be at that time (sorry Mrs D 😉 ).  Now you see where my no shot rule came from ……

The 50 unit number was what it was recently as I was moderating hard and that is still at the high risk end of the spectrum according to the UK guidelines (which is above 35 units a week).

I felt so sh*t after each night that, again I am ashamed to admit, that I would cycle what I drank.  So for example:

Monday: cider then red wine

Tuesday: beer then rose

Wednesday: g&t then white wine

Thursday: back to cider then red wine

Friday: as Tuesday

Saturday: sparkling wine then red wine

Sunday: as Wednesday

Yep – I managed the sickness from the hangover by not drinking the same drink the next day knowing I couldn’t stomach it 🙁

I’m not proud of this fact and I want to be honest.  And having read this post by FitFatFood I also want to say that if the number of units that you are drinking is nowhere near these numbers please do not think that this is how much you need to drink to have a problem.  However much you are drinking if it is affecting the quality of your life, stopping you living your best life how you want to live it and you think it is a problem – then it is, irrespective of what anyone else says.  No one can tell you how much or how often is too much, only you know this.

So now you probably understand why I wanted and needed to stop …….