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The preparation and research involved not just reading books about drinking and stopping but also lurking on sober blogs following other people’s journey’s.

If you go back to the beginning of my blog I thank the two sources of support that got me started on my sober blogging journey and they are Soberistas and Belle (tired of thinking about drinking).

Soberistas, if you don’t know it, is a UK based resource, community and blogging forum set up by Lucy Rocca back in November 2012.  If you want to blog about your experience but as part of an organised community, then this is a great place to get support.

Belle, is my sober penpal who during the first 100 days of being part of Belle’s Team 100 I would email every day to say I was sober.  I’m now part of Team 180 and have dropped to emailing her every other day.  Belle’s was the first independent sober blog that I found and she led me to UnPickled and Mrs D is Going Without.  From there I found many other brilliant sober blogs many of whom are listed in my blog roll but there are others that I have bookmarked and try to read every day too.

I gained strength from the fact that there were others out there doing it and who seemed to be really happy with their booze free lives even if I still had a glass in my  hand at the time.  It allowed me to consider the possibility.  The thought that that could be me too began to take root and be turned over in my mind.  If they could do it so could I and my resolve began to strengthen.

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  1. I’ve just joined Soberistas too. There is a meet-up planned locally. i think I’m going to go along. It will be interesting to meet other women in similar situations.

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