Daily Archives: 02/02/2014

Health check-in

So it’s been almost 4 /12 months since I last had a drink and I thought I would share how my health is now compared to how it was 5 months ago.

Night-times are a joy compared to before.  I used to sleep so badly as I would fall into bed in a drunken stupor, wake in the early hours with a raging thirst and night sweats, come to in the morning with a jackhammer going in my head and my stomach doing the spin cycle of a washing machine.  Getting out of bed was a major hurdle and all I wanted to do was stay in bed or climb back into it in the middle of the afternoon for a restorative nap.

I thought the night sweats were the start of me being peri-menopausal, and even went to the GP to get a blood test to check, and now I know that it was the drinking as they have completely gone.  This was probably the most worrying symptom of my alcohol problems in retrospect.

Having got out of bed confronting a mirror was a pretty depressing experience with large dark circles, puffy skin, skin flushing, poor condition hair and nails.  These days my complexion is clear and my colour is better, my eyes are whiter, my hair and nails look massively improved.  I don’t scare myself quite so much these days!  A friend commented last night that our skin looked luminous with health and that was the really obvious sign of our new clean living 🙂

Cleaning my teeth also used to be a worry as my gums bled all the time and I thought this was just me.  Turns out that was the impact of the blood thinning effects of booze as my gums no longer bleed.  This was scary realisation number two for me.

I’ve lost weight, my skin is less dry (even though it’s the middle of winter and the chap factor is high), my running times have improved and I generally feel a million times better, even when I have a cold!!

As for my mood, I used to wonder if I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as I used to be very glum in the winter.  Not this winter, not a sign.

It is both astounding and horrifying how much better I feel in myself and the thought of going back to drinking seems like anathema to me now.  If you’ve stopped too, what noticeable health benefits would you be happy to share?