Daily Archives: 03/02/2014

Seeking medical advice

When you give up drinking advice should be sought from your GP.  You may require medical support to manage your withdrawal and it is potentially life-threatening to try to stop without this.  If you are initially reluctant to see your Dr then there is a psychiatrist and addiction specialist you can ask on Soberistas who can be found here.  There are drugs that are used in acute alcohol withdrawal such as diazepam or chlordiazepoxide.  There are also drugs used to manage alcohol dependence namely acamprosate or disulfiram, better known as Antabuse.  The best person to consult is your GP as they know any other health concerns, history and medication issues pertaining to you personally.  A conversation with your GP may result in a referral to one of the specialist alcohol services here in the UK, such as Addaction who can provide additional specialist support.

I can not stress strongly enough the need to consult and take advice from your GP first.