Daily Archives: 04/02/2014

Additional support

As discussed in the post ‘seeking medical advice‘ a conversation with your GP may result in a referral to one of the specialist alcohol services here in the UK, such as Addaction who can provide additional specialist support.

Support can also be found in person via Alcoholics Anonymous or Smart Recovery.

Alternatively, as I and many others have found, support can be found on the internet, formally with specialists such as Dr Jenner who is a psychologist who offers and provides online therapy or Lisa Neumann who is a life skills and recovery coach.  Both are listed in my list of blogs I follow.  Informal support is also available here in the online sober blogging community.  This includes Soberistas, which is a supportive blogging community here in the UK or Hello Sunday Morning an Australia based blogging community.  Belle is a sober penpal or there are many of us who blog who are happy to be contacted, myself included 🙂

Edited to add: I should have also included the excellent Bubble Hour, which again is listed in my blogs I follow.  They do podcasts that you can listen to for free and are really helpful if you want not just to read supportive material but to listen to other people’s experience.