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What do you drink instead of booze?

When I gave up smoking there was a plethora of widely available and nationally promoted advice and support guidelines and a raft of nicotine replacement therapies that I could choose from to help me stop. Patches, gum, microtabs, lozenges, inhalator, nasal spray and drugs.

As for replacements for alcohol you find your own through trial and error.  These are the things that have helped me:

Tea, coffee, herbal teas – particularly Twinings, Pukka and Clipper brands.

Soft drinks  and cordials – particularly San Pellegrino, Belvoir and Bottlegreen.  Elderflower cordial is really popular and delicious.

Mixers – if you liked a G&T like I did, then just have the tonic water, ice and a slice.

Alcohol-free beers and wines – now this is a contentious subject and I can only speak for myself but I like the option of these.  Others are understandably cautious about drinking these and I completely respect that.  You should do what is right for you and err on the side of caution if unsure.   I have tried Becks Blue, and some supermarket own brand de-alcoholised wines, either in red, rose, white or sparkling.  The drinks industry are waking up to the fact that there is a growing alcohol free market and are beginning to cater for it.  Good websites for a wide selection of beers, ciders, wines, spirit and cocktail substitutes can be found here and here.

I have also tried kava, which is a drink made from the roots of a plant of the Western Pacific and is consumed by the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia.  It has a sedating effect and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity.  This can be bought online via stores like this one.

These are not recommendations just alternatives that I have tried and this list is by no means exhaustive!  I’m interested to hear any other suggestions that I might try 🙂

Edited to add: 14th March 2016

Kava and the Rise of Healthy New York

In an increasingly health-conscious New York, some would-be boozehounds are turning to kava, made from a South Pacific-originated plant, as a substitute for alcohol | New Yorker, USA