Managing triggers to drinking

It is important to know and understand when and why you drink.  For me the danger time was always anytime between getting home from work and the kids going to bed, so 5 till 8 pm.  If I could get through that window of time without drinking I would be okay.

For the first couple of weeks of stopping I shook up my routine so that I was doing something different between those hours, particularly on a Friday and Saturday.  I would go out and do the weekly shop, go for a run, go to the cinema, have a bath, go to bed – anything to get through the witching hour unscathed.

You could keep a diary before you stop writing down what time you drank, what you were doing at that time and rate between 1 and 10 how much you wanted to drink at that time.  Also keep an eye on what emotions trigger your desire to drink.  Is it happiness, sadness, boredom, loneliness?  For me stress and anxiety was and remains a big trigger, whether it is social anxiety at going out and meeting new people or stress prompted by an incident within my job.  I now find myself shovelling chocolate biscuits into my mouth when I get home after a difficult day so I know that this remains an issue!

4 thoughts on “Managing triggers to drinking

  1. I’m glad I just read this about your trigger time. 5pm – 8pm is my trigger time too. As soon as I leave work I know I have a full 3 hours of kids homework, dinner, and baths. I actually enjoy most of it, but sometimes I have a hard doing it day in and day out. I used to tell my husband I needed a one-hour buffer between work and home or I would go nuts. Of course I used that time just to drink. Here on the west coast it’s 4pm on a Friday and I am feeling the trigger. It’s happy hour time.

    I’m going to just keep reading.

    I’m on day three of Belle’s challenge. Trying to blog about it here:

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