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NekNominations and alcohol poisoning

I read with sadness in the news yesterday that another person has died as a result of completing a neknominate challenge.

NekNominations are an online drinking game that encourages the participant to drink a pint of alcohol whilst filming themselves doing it and then posting it up.  The participant then nominates two others to do the same, although a third nomination has become commonplace. The nominated person has to complete the task within 24 hours.  As the game spread it escalated with nominees performing the challenge in more extreme circumstances by drinking more potent beverages or engaging in dangerous activities either during or immediately after consuming their beverage. This has resulted in four confirmed deaths of participants, two in the UK and two in Ireland since the craze surfaced less than 2 weeks ago (source).  And now the game has claimed it’s third in the UK  who allegedly attempted to drink a pint of vodka.

Drinking a pint of vodka in one go will give you alcoholic poisoning.  Alcohol poisoning is a dangerous and often deadly occurrence and is caused by an excessive, rapid intake of alcohol, far beyond what the body can process.  This leads to your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rising and a BAC of over 400mg per dl can result in severe breathing difficulties, coma and death.  At very high levels, alcohol affects the nerves that control automatic actions, like breathing, your heartbeat, and your gag reflex (which stops you from choking).   Excessive alcohol consumption can slow or even shut down these functions, causing you to stop breathing and become unconscious (source).

People need to understand that these neknominations can be fatal because alcohol is not a benign substance that you can drink in endless amounts without  harm.  It is a toxic poison that excessive ingestion of will kill you as it tragically has in the case of these young people.

Craze’s and foolish dares come and go but this one needs to be addressed quickly before it claims another life.

17/02/2014 Edited to add: Neknomination craze claims fifth victim Bradley Eames who mixed two pints of gin with teabags and died four days later (source)  🙁

21/02/2014 Edited further to add: Neknominate craze spreads to primary schools (source)