Daily Archives: 15/02/2014

Drinking worries

I have been reading and watching so much stuff online since I stopped drinking.  All the free time I suddenly have has been put to very good use with learning things to help me on my sober journey.

I not only read sober blogs but other blogs too as so much can be gleaned and applied to the sober path.  I was watching a video interview between Marie Forleo and Dr Ned Hallowell about why smart people under-perform.  And one of the points that was made really resonated with me.  They were talking about worry and how stuck you can get in the worry space.  They gave 3 handy tips to avoid the worry trap:

  1. Never worry alone
  2. Get the facts
  3. Make a plan

When I think about how much time I spent worrying about my drinking and not doing anything about it.  How I was alone in my drinking problem.  How I didn’t know how to go about changing it.  How I didn’t know what to do to go about changing it.  These three simple steps would have helped me immensely in moving me from worrying about it to doing something and therefore easing my concerns and ultimately solving the problem.

As soon as I found the sober blogging community I knew I wasn’t alone as I read their blogs and could see that they had experienced very similar things to me when they drank.  I knew the facts about alcoholism from my time nursing alcoholics but I didn’t see myself as an alcoholic and wasn’t aware of any alternative view or way forward.  Again I found the answers online and that knowledge of how to change things enabled me to make a plan to move from dependent drinker to non-drinker.  It is said so often within this community that the best thing you can do is reach out and comment or ask or blog and it is so true.  A drinking problem shared is a drinking problem halved 🙂