Daily Archives: 18/02/2014

Sober safety plan

It is standard practice in my day job that if there is a worrying behaviour being demonstrated by a young person or they are involved in a difficult situation we would implement a safety plan to help them manage it and to ensure that we have assessed any risk to them posed by this.

For my drinking I have this ‘safety’ plan in my head but you could easily commit it to paper much like the changing behaviour contract detailed in this post.  This is a plan of action for when the cravings strike.  Obviously the best scenario is that you manage your triggers, as detailed here, so that it doesn’t reach a craving crescendo but sometimes it is just unavoidable.

My safety plan if a craving strikes is:

  1. Use the 15 minute rule which you can find here
  2. If that didn’t working, I’d talk to my husband (who is 6 days ahead of me)
  3. If that didn’t work I’d email my sober penpal Belle
  4. It that didn’t work I’d blog about  it
  5. If that didn’t working go to bed, irrespective of how early it is, and see how it is tomorrow
  6. If that didn’t work I would then find an AA meeting.  I haven’t yet reached this point and know from my fellow bloggers that this can be a saving lifeline and I would use it.

I found it important to try and contingency plan a worse case scenario because I did not want to drink under any circumstances and I knew that wolfie would strike if I wasn’t sure of what my ‘in case of emergency’ action plan was!