Daily Archives: 20/02/2014

Levelling out

This week had the potential to be a triple witching.  Not only is it half term but for the ladies reading this it is approaching a time in the month when I can be, shall we say, a little more intolerant and quick to temper IYKWIM.  Sorry to my fellow male sober bloggers for this post but we’re in female only territory here.

Again travelling back in time to me when I was still stuck staring into a glass or bottle on a far too regular basis and I would have been really really unpleasant company.  Hangover, half-term and PMS – not a good look or mix 😉

Now 5 months in tomorrow and no witching at all.  Yes I am still a little hair trigger snappy than usual and extra sensitive to what people say and how I interpret things but compared to how dragon-like I used to be at this time of the month, it is a revelation!  It’s taken me this far into the sober journey to actually tease stuff out and recognise all the subtle components of what used to make me unhappy, grumpy and generally not much fun to be around before.

Each day that goes by the reasons not to drink again just keep stacking up and up.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving 🙂