Daily Archives: 23/02/2014

The Anonymous People

I was reading the book High Sobriety: Confessions of a Drinker by Alice King last week and in it she wrote that it was thought that 1 in 6 Britons have some sort of problem with alcohol, either through their own drinking or someone else’s.  To me this seems huge and largely unacknowledged.

The UK 2011 census states that the current UK population is 63 million. That means that potentially we have 10 million people where alcohol is a problem for them. The Govt monitors alcohol statistics via the Alcohol Annual Report and in 2012-2013 less than 110,000 were in structured treatment. That’s only 0.01% – the literal ‘tip of the iceberg’.

I admire this American films courage immensely and feel that we need to be acknowledging and owning our problem in the same way here.  You can read more about what the US are doing here.

Edited to add: thanks to soberlearning for letting me know that you can watch this film on 1st March as they are doing a free 24 hour open stream at hazelden.org/social