Yesterday was a ‘meh’ or ‘pants’ day as my kids would say.

I sometimes say to Mr Hangoverfree and kids that 90% of the time I love them dearly and wouldn’t be without them and the other 10% they do my head in and I daydream about a different life.  That was how I felt about my sober life yesterday.  I daydreamed about my drinking life wistfully and just felt a bit ‘well – is this it?’.

I know I’m not the first to say this but I don’t want people reading this to think that every day is unicorns and rainbows now I don’t drink.  Some days are just plain underwhelming drinking or no drinking.

I’m not sure why that was – maybe it was going back to work after a lovely week off, maybe it was a female hormone thing, maybe it was the passing of another sober milestone, who knows.  I do know though that before it would have been a good enough reason to drink – to ‘cheer myself up’ of course.  But now I know better and the right answer is an early night and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day.  At least I didn’t have a hangover 😉

10 thoughts on “Meh

  1. I know those thoughts all too well. You did the right thing. You won’t have any regrets this morning but had you chosen the drink to cheer yourself up imagine how you would feel today – hungover and regrets by the bucketful! Well done. It will be the Easter holidays soon!

  2. There must have been something cosmic going on yesterday cause I felt the very same, I went out for a walk and bought myself a packet of crisps (which I don’t normally allow myself) to get me over the hump.

  3. Ooh, I know that feeling. Hope it passes soon, and you’re feeling a bit better today. I’ve been upset today by matters utterly unrelated to alcohol. You can have the best of intentions sometimes, but life has a funny habit of getting in the way…. Hugs. xxx

    1. Thanks MTM 🙂 Sometimes life is poo irrespective of what you’re imbibing. I did feel better today so maybe your well wishes worked 🙂 xx

  4. sorry you have been feeling ‘meh’ (what did we use before that terribly useful word?!) glad you are feeling better! xx

  5. Have just started following your blog x This chimes with me – have also just gone back after a week off and just feel a bit slow and lacking in enthusiasm – in other words “meh” As wonderful as life is AF there is still the small matter of everyone else and occasionally they can really irritate, wind-up, annoy…… Still everything is better without a hangover xxx

    1. Welcome Kim! Thank you for following and commenting 🙂 I just have to ask as your writing style seems similar to another Kim who always says such kind things on my blog comments on Soberistas. Are you one and the same? If not then apologies for the mistake and welcome again 😉

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