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Olympic values are not compatible with the consumption of alcohol

Alcohol Justice tweeted this recently and it made me smile particularly as I posted not long ago about Russian’s and the impact of alcohol on their life span here.

The official beer supplier of the Sochi Games is Baltika, a non-alcoholic beer.

Russia, whose most famous export may be vodka, is staging the driest Olympics in memory. For many fans, it is the biggest upset of the Winter Games. A new federal law last year prohibited the sale of alcohol inside sports stadiums and arenas. And a local ordinance last month banned alcohol sales within 50 meters of some sports venues.  However, in the mountain Olympic venues, which are outdoors and not subject to restrictions, the alcohol flows freely.

The strict approach reflects both the Kremlin’s recent efforts to wean Russians from their legendary love of the sauce, and the unpleasant memories of drunken, unruly fans at the last Winter Games in Vancouver.

“Olympic values are not compatible with the consumption of alcohol,” a government spokesman told a Russian newspaper at the time.

Maybe this is not surprising seeing as Vladimir Putin is himself teetotal and you can read the full Wall Street Journal article here.

Today I am an Olympian 😉

Edited to add:

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