Daily Archives: 05/03/2014

Soberiety Bloggers

I was reading MTM’s blog post (which you can read here) about The Bubble Hour broadcast from Sunday night.  It is called Soberiety Bloggers and featured Mrs D, UnPickled and ByeByeBeer and I just had to listen to it as soon as my kids were in bed.  You can listen to it if you haven’t already here.

For me it was one of the Bubble Hour’s best shows as it featured people whose blogs I had read and followed since my journey towards sobriety began.  Putting voices to their names was the most amazing experience.  Hearing them all together describe their journey from drinker to long term recovery was both inspiring and reassuring at the same time.  I know I had read their journey’s already but hearing it somehow made it more concrete and more real.

I appreciate I am probably coming over a bit ‘gushy’ about this but hearing them talk about their efforts at moderating before they stopped and the ups and downs of the journey just resonated with me in a way I wasn’t expecting.  It made me long to sit and talk with other sober journeymen in the real world over a cup of coffee or tea that the virtual blogging world does not as yet offer.  I felt the same when I ended the Skype chat with Veronica Valli.  Pumped up, alive, renewed, motivated.  The sharing of success and difficulties is both envigorating and humbling at the same time.  I can only imagine this must be what it is like when you attend a recovery meeting and pushes me ever closer to the step of seeking out other people on this journey in the non-virtual world.

I want to belong to the sober community as much as I wanted to belong to the drinking world when I drank.  I want to be buoyed up by the infectious nature of being around people who are rocking it in sobriety but mostly I just want to give Mrs D and UnPickled a hug and say thank you.