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I was reading MTM’s blog post (which you can read here) about The Bubble Hour broadcast from Sunday night.  It is called Soberiety Bloggers and featured Mrs D, UnPickled and ByeByeBeer and I just had to listen to it as soon as my kids were in bed.  You can listen to it if you haven’t already here.

For me it was one of the Bubble Hour’s best shows as it featured people whose blogs I had read and followed since my journey towards sobriety began.  Putting voices to their names was the most amazing experience.  Hearing them all together describe their journey from drinker to long term recovery was both inspiring and reassuring at the same time.  I know I had read their journey’s already but hearing it somehow made it more concrete and more real.

I appreciate I am probably coming over a bit ‘gushy’ about this but hearing them talk about their efforts at moderating before they stopped and the ups and downs of the journey just resonated with me in a way I wasn’t expecting.  It made me long to sit and talk with other sober journeymen in the real world over a cup of coffee or tea that the virtual blogging world does not as yet offer.  I felt the same when I ended the Skype chat with Veronica Valli.  Pumped up, alive, renewed, motivated.  The sharing of success and difficulties is both envigorating and humbling at the same time.  I can only imagine this must be what it is like when you attend a recovery meeting and pushes me ever closer to the step of seeking out other people on this journey in the non-virtual world.

I want to belong to the sober community as much as I wanted to belong to the drinking world when I drank.  I want to be buoyed up by the infectious nature of being around people who are rocking it in sobriety but mostly I just want to give Mrs D and UnPickled a hug and say thank you.

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  1. I totally agree with you Lucy. I often want to share my chat with other real life sober gals but its hard to find many in my life (particularly when I’ve not told them the true reasons behind me giving up). I am also early 40s and in a similar profession to you.On the off chance you are in Scotland I could meet you for a coffee?
    Thanks for the link to the show.
    Last night I was a guest on HAMS radio show in NY. Talking about the same kind of thing. The link to the podcast is here

    1. HI Rachel Ooh I’m curious about your line of work now and will email you. Unfortunately I live a very long way from Scotland, more’s the pity. I’ll give your show appearance a listen later and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I felt and feel the same way Lucy. Jean and Belle started me on this journey and Mrs. D inspires me all the time. I’m still looking for a connection here in the Chicago area. Since I don’t get across the pond very often I’m jealous of your meet up. Just have to keep in touch this way.

    1. Hi Sharon Would love to meet up with you too! There is always Skype and that is how I chatted to Veronica Valli (who also lives in the States). Where there’s a will there’s a way 😉 xx

  3. I keep seeing Mrs D’s name mentioned in lots of blogs but I can’t work out how to follow her as she isn’t on wordpress. Could somebody please let me know. I’m off now to listen to the Bubble Hour broadcast. Perhaps if you post your location on this thread then it might spark a meet-up. Have you checked soberistas for local meet-ups? That’s where I found the details of the one I’m attending. Really looking forward to it for exactly the reasons you mention.

    1. One day at a time you can find Mrs D here:
      I don’t know how to follow her either so just check in on a regular basis to see what she’s up to. As for my location – Cambridge is my nearest city. I missed the London Soberistas meet up unfortunately but I’m sure there will be more. Have fun at your one, York is the next one right? xx

      1. Thanks for that. I have found the blog, just can’t follow it. Will have to try to remember to keep checking in.

        I’m going to the East Berkshire meet-up, but if I enjoy it, might go to the next London one too.

      2. East Berkshire meet up!? Wow didn’t even know about that one. Have fun and maybe we will meet in real life at the next London one? xx

      3. That would be great. I’ve already sent an email, expressing my interest about the London one. I’m going to make the most of it and stay in London all day, maybe take in a museum, or two, do a bit of shopping…. If you fancy joining me, sign up for it and let me know. We could start our own Sober Fun Revolution.

      4. Thanks for the link 🙂 Poo – am already in London w/end before doing the Nike ‘We Own the Night’ 10K run. Might be hard to get a w/end pass from Mr HOF for 2 in a row. Will have to start the sweet talking now 😉

    2. I did work out how to follow a non-Wordpress blog –
      -go to the main page
      – hit the ‘reader’ tab (where you normally see the blogs you follow appear)
      – on the right hand side of that page you will see a ‘blogs I follow’ section. Hit that ‘edit’ button
      – you will get a list of the blogs you follow and at the top you can type in/cut and paste the name of the non-wordpress blog you want to add.

      hope this helps! x

  4. I was a bit gushy when I listened, too. I got all weepy and wanted to hug them all! I loved how they all talked about getting sober starting out as personal, but in fact, it became such a social experience, being online talking wit people. And it made me think I need to go to a meeting or something and meet some local sober women some time soon. Great stuff!

    1. It would seem sober gushiness (is that even a word?) is the norm then 😉 Hope you find some people to connect with wherever in the world you are 🙂 xx

  5. Gush away ladies!!!!! This is such a lovely post and all the comments.. everyone wanting to meet up and hug each other, I love it!! Imagine how I feel being sooooo far away in New Zealand. Man.. it’s just so unbelievable how real and tangible and amazing and powerful this community is, all of us on our computers being genuinely touched by one anothers words. I LOVED doing that Bubble Hour show so much I could do it every day!! Big hugs to you all. We are the brave ones.. forging ahead living alcohol free in a world awash with alcohol. Shine on you crazy diamonds (to quote Bowie) xxxx

    1. Mrs D – as always you have made my day 🙂 I wish you weren’t on the other side of the world too as my arms aren’t long enough to reach you over there 😉 A virtual hug will have to suffice. Believe me if you could do a Bubble Hour show every day I would listen. Thanks for being you xx

    2. I so loved that Bubble Hour show too! only managed to listen to it yesterday as never have that much time without small people around 😉 we are like lady pioneers in a brave new sober world, forging ahead in our wagons with our sober sunbonnets on 🙂 thanks everyone for being so amazing and group hug all round! xxx

    1. Just finished listening to your interview – very good! Have just downloaded your free short book, thanks 🙂

  6. It certainly was great to hear all the ladies there. What a treat. Also envious of all these meet ups. Have fun to all those who are getting together!


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