Daily Archives: 28/03/2014

Alternative Bar Venues (ABV’s)

I like this tagline for Sobar in Nottingham.  A cheeky play on a three letter acronym (TLA) related to booze and I read about it in a recent article in the Guardian which you can find here.

The article mainly covers the emergence of dry bars across the UK in the last three years and the journalist poses the question of whether England is sobering up?

My favourite part of the piece is this:

All of them talk about their experiences with intoxicants, and what they see as the singular effects of alcohol. “I spent 17 years as a functioning heroin addict,” says 47-year-old Gary Hamilton. “I held down a job, had a wife and child. But two years of drinking flattened me.” Compared to other drugs, they tell me, alcohol’s effects on mental health should not be underestimated; it has a habit of sparking anxiety and depression that in turn lead on to even more drinking.

Having myself blogged in the last week about anxiety and depression and booze you can understand why 🙂

It’s a thoughtful article and worth a read.  The comments are also worth a gander for both the ahem positive and negative appraisal of the piece and the trend!  I particularly like the idea of the Swedish ‘fika’ culture (which means coffee or tea and cake) as an alternative to our traditional pub one.  Food for thought …..