Daily Archives: 03/04/2014

I could murder a glass of ……

Was out for a run recently and on my path I jogged past a discarded empty beer can that had been dumped on the roadside and it got me thinking.

The said brand is euphemistically known in the UK as ‘wife beater’.  Nice huh?  I’ll not share which particular brand or why it has this reputation but if you want to know the answer it is here and the owners of said brand and their lobbying companies have tried to take down the Wiki reference without success! (source)

And then other drink names came up – gin and it’s nickname ‘mother’s ruin’.  This spirit was also known as ‘Cuckold’s Comfort’, ‘Ladies Delight’ and ‘Knock Me Down’ and it’s consumption prompted the Gin Act in 1736 such was the state of ruin it caused to individuals and society within the UK.

And then I couldn’t think of anymore although I know there are!  Alcohol’s reputation has been cleaned up to within an inch of it’s toxic life and as the ‘wife beater’ reference goes to show the manufacturer’s and PR folks will go to great lengths to maintain the facade.  I’m sure a day will come when people will look back on this booze sodden time in our history and marvel at our stupidity and the success of the advertisers, marketeers and pedlars of these legal poisons.  I hope that day is sooner rather than later for the sake of our liver’s and the next generation.

Can anyone help me out with any other less than flattering drink nick-names that you can think of to add to the list?