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Booze ice cream anyone?

APDC0393 - cropped

So alcohol’s pervasive march into all areas of our life seems to be the way forward it would seem.  As you can see from the picture above several ice-cream manufacturers think that Bailey’s ice-cream is a good idea, and I appreciate the Haagen-Dazs one has been around for a while, but Magnum Mini’s?  Or maybe you’d like cake with a Bailey’s cream or dessert sauce if ice-cream isn’t your thing.  Or how about some Jack Daniels steak/barbeque sauce or Guinness crisps?  No? Sweet toothed and looking for a mouth morsel? Then Jack Daniels fudge or Guinness truffles might be for you!  Perfect for those of us who have replaced booze with sweets or chocolate 🙁

Maybe I’m being a kill joy but do children really need the opportunity to associate booze with treats like ice-cream, sweets, chocolate and crisps before they can actually drink the stuff?

I’ll hand over to the experts here:

Mark Leyshon, Research and Policy Officer at Alcohol Concern and author of the briefing, said:

“Previous research by Alcohol Concern has shown that children as young as 10 and 11 recognise some alcohol brands better than popular brands of snacks. If they’re seeing big drinks brands on the foods in the fridge and the mugs in the cupboard, that’s an extra dose of alcohol advertising right under their noses.”

To read the full brief regarding brand stretching, which is what this is, then go here.  (Alcohol Concern is also the charity I am running for in just over a months’ time.  If you would like to support them by sponsoring me so that they can keep up their fantastic work then you can do so here)

This all actually makes me want to scream and then swear ALOT!  What’s does everyone else think?  Am I over-reacting or is this the thin end of the wedge?