Daily Archives: 06/04/2014

Beautiful Tea

to both drink and look at 🙂

On Mothering Sunday my family did me proud and took me for lunch at a new Wagamama’s that had opened locally.  I had a lovely glass of sparkling elderflower cordial with my Pad Thai and afterwards had this tea that I was so impressed with I had to blog about it!

It’s called Blooming Jasmine Flower Tea and this is what it looked like:


The description I found on a supplier’s website said this:

A single handmade blooming tea flower ball in hygienic packaging. A mix of green tea leaves, Lily and Jasmine bound together into a ball which opens when hot water is added to create a fresh, smooth green tea.

It was not only delicious but exquisite to look at and felt like a treat in itself!  If you are in the UK and looking for supplies (which I was the minute I got home) then you can buy them here.

I shall be ordering some and who needs wine when you can drink this instead?  I can see myself becoming a real tea aficionado 😉

Edited to add 14/04/14: thanks to no more! on Soberistas who kindly pointed out to me that there are multiple varieties of these available on Amazon from a company called Exotic Teapot with lovely glass teapots too 🙂