What does hangover free look like?

Now this isn’t some philosophical question, more of a visual representation question.  I’ve been thinking about changing my blog a bit and was trying to think of what ‘a hangover free life’ looks like visually.

I suspect for all of us this will look different but for me this is what I see in the daytime:


And this is what I see come evening time:

bubble bath and candles

Why?  Well we honeymooned in the Maldives and at the time I described it as being what I imagined heaven on earth would be like.  Just looking at these picture makes me happy, optimistic and inspired, plus candles and bubbles in a bath are part of my sober treats already 😉

All those pennies and pounds I’ve been saving need to be put to good use for a BIG sober treat in the future.  When I was training to run the London Marathon I used a similar image on the wall next to my running machine to keep me motivated and it’s no different now.

Plus I have this dream of one day in the future running sober celebratory retreats where all us cool sober people hang out, catch some rays and generally live the good life for a week or so to remind us why we started on this journey and to reward our hard work and continued growth.

If you had to visualise what it means to you what would it look like?  Could you email me with an image that most represents the goal of sobriety for you and I’ll post them all up and we can have a poll to decide which one goes on the top of my blog (or maybe more than one image who knows!)  Send them in over the next two weeks and I’ll share them all after that 🙂

Can’t wait x

Edited to add: 22/04/14 Was so excited to be able to change the header on my blog after the site being down all Easter week-end that I couldn’t hold off putting a new image up temporarily.  I will share all the other images you suggested on 2nd May as promised and we’ll change it again then 🙂 xx

13 thoughts on “What does hangover free look like?

  1. ooh, great question! and love love love your images. love them both for different reasons. I particularly like the bath one as it conjures up thoughts of being alone and taking time to take care of yourself. my personal image would be of a washing line blowing in the sun: showing that when we get sober we can appreciate many of the other pleasures in life. and also because it would fit on the top of a page as a banner 😉 this was the nicest I could find on a quick internet trawl: http://theknowledgeplymouth.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/washing_line_cr_cr.jpg xxx

  2. Like Primrose, I love the sight of washing on a line on a windy sunny day. I had cloth nappies when my eldest was born, and the first time we pegged them all out on the line, my husband took a picture, they looked so lovely. Sadly, it was soooo long ago, was on film, not digital. Here’s a link to the kind of thing I was thinking of: http://hdwallsource.com/outer-space-wallpaper-4345.html. I sometimes feel that I’m on a journey to somewhere I’ve never been, wild, beautiful, a bit scary, unknown. Sobriety: the final frontier 😉

  3. Wow L this takes some thought. I always thought ocean but then your bath picture is so serene. If I could post a picture of me, now, the everyday things, running errands, singing to the radio, hugging my grandchildren, children and husband-that’s what it looks like to me. Guess I’d need a pretty long video. I’ll give it more thought. Great idea by the way.

  4. Will need some technology lessons to take part in this one. Will probably just enjoy looking at everyone else’s. But for the record the image in my head is of a woman in her nightie leaning over a balcony, surveying the scenery below, breathing in deep, ready to embrace the day xxx

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