Wine habits

Wine is rarely out of the press these days here in the UKs so I read this infographic with interest.  To summarise; we have 35% saying they will drink more and 65% saying they will drink less (but sometimes better quality wines) and 54% spend under £6 a bottle.


And I did read this and smirk a bit:

But the bargain-hunting habits of Brits are putting a real strain on wine producers, who are making virtually no profit on wines sold for less than £6 a bottle.

One supplier, who did not want to be named, said: “The fact is, it’s hard to make any money in Britain, but it’s a great market if you want to get rid of bin ends or if you’ve got tanks to empty for the next harvest.

“You chuck it in the UK’s direction because there they’ll suck in cheap wine.”

I used to think I was such a wine connoisseur but let’s face it when you’re past the first bottle you could be drinking paint stripper and not know it.  Because by then it isn’t about the bouquet or the roundness of it, it’s about pouring more booze down your neck.  It’s not about the pleasure of the taste but the effect.

And at 215 days without Mr HOF & I have saved a whopping £2550 smackers 🙂  How much have you or could you save?

8 thoughts on “Wine habits

  1. was just working out savings yesterday and let’s just say it’s squidzillions 🙂 loving the new blog outfit, it suits you! hope you’re feeling brighter today. I’m getting there… xxx

    1. Squidzillions wow 😉 Thank you! Back injury not helping things – bought different less expensive running shoes and am now paying the price 🙁 xx

    1. Wow Sharon that’s amazing!! Spending it on treats is the way to go – like your trip to NYC, fabulous. And thank you 🙂

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