Psychosocial stress

We all have days where we feel stressed or low and what is important is to learn to recognise what is your normal ‘ups and downs’ and the early warning signs.  For me if I notice a change that goes on for longer than a week then I would become more watchful and mindful.  These changes might be in my:

  • Mood/feelings
  • Thoughts/beliefs
  • Sleep pattern
  • Eating habits
  • Personal care
  • Socialising/relationships

There are some life events that we cannot control and we have to learn to live with them without falling prey to the drinker’s reflex of picking up a drink to cope.  This is not always easy but the longer time goes on the easier I find it to not resort to this old coping strategy.

Things to consider would include:

  • New job/promotion/redundancy
  • Moving house/leaving home
  • Relationship/friendships/family – loss/divorce/death
  • Holidays/social events/outings
  • Birthdays/anniversaries/Christmas/New Year
  • Health issues
  • Major news events

You can reduce your risk of relapse by:

  1. Changing the things you can change
  2. Learning to recognise your sources of stress
  3. Learning better ways of coping with the things you can’t change

Are there any other life events that are stressful that I’ve forgotten that I need to watch out for too?


4 thoughts on “Psychosocial stress

  1. Hi there – a couple of life events that for me are very strongly associated with drinking are – professional conferences and also family Sunday dinner!
    Have managed to go through one conference AF, and bear in mind it was over 4 days in total. Family lunches, always good wine or for the men, real ale, on the table. In the past it was me in drank most of that wine!! Doesn’t seem to be a problem though I’ll have to say x

    1. Hi Jude – oh yes a professional conference would be tough I would imagine. Not something I have faced as yet. Sunday lunch isn’t a problem at home but can be if we go to a Sunday lunch as guests somewhere else! x

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