Daily Archives: 03/05/2014

Oh what a night out!

Recently the children went to stay with their grandparents overnight and we had not asked for this gift.  It was simply offered – lovely 🙂

So what do you do when you have no kids, no planned reason for them to be away and a whole evening to  yourselves?  It takes no guesses to figure out that in the past this was a genuine reason to cut loose and get trashed – just because we could with no repercussions or responsibilities until 5pm the next day.  But we don’t do that anymore right?

Initially I found myself feeling sad and wistful for what might have been but that was quickly replaced with the thought of ‘there are so many things I want to do tomorrow and if I had a hangover none of it would get done’ and a feeling of relief.  I could keep my plans intact and not sabotage myself.

So we headed into our nearest city and looked for things to do that don’t involve drinking.   We found a cool Mexican restaurant where I had a ‘Big Ass Burrito’ accompanied by Agua de Horchata, a traditional Mexican drink made with rice milk, vanilla and cinnamon.

Then we wandered into the chocolate shop, Chocolat Chocolat and picked up 100g of the finest salted caramel milk chocolate to have when we got home as a sober treat.

We also found this weird tea shop called ‘Ooshi The Bubble Tea World’.  Never heard of it, never tried it so in we go.  From their site which you can visit here:

“Created in the tea shops of Taiwan during the 1980’s, Bubble Tea has become one of the most popular drinks around today.  Also known as Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Milk Tea it comes in a wide range of flavours that blend tea with either fruit or milk.  With the addition of ice, fruit syrups and tapoica pearls hundreds of tastes combinations can be created to delight the taste buds!  The ‘bubble’ in Bubble Tea comes from the gorgeous bubbly froth you get by shaking up the drink just before you have it!”

I had a jasmine green tea with apple flavour ooballs.  Sounds odd but actually tasted rather delicious.

So we had a great time, drove home, early to bed and up with a clear head to accomplish everything on my to do list before the terrors returned home.  Perfect 😉

What would your perfect sober night out include?