Daily Archives: 08/05/2014

Drink and cancer risk TV advert

Love this ad! (in a public health awareness kind of way)

But more importantly I love that the alcohol industry’s complaints about it were thrown out 🙂

The alcohol industry tried to get the advertisement banned arguing that highlighting the link between alcohol and cancer was misleading and irresponsible.  Yes you read that right.  ‘Misleading’ and ‘Irresponsible’.  The irony of this is not lost on me as I’m sure it’s not on you either.

After considering the evidence the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the Balance advertisement was not in breach of the UK code of broadcast advertising (BCAP) after complaints were received from, amongst others, the British Beer and Pub Association.  The Guardian covered the story here including this:

Colin Shevils, Balance’s director, said the parts of the alcohol industry that objected had been “highly irresponsible” in trying to stop the public learning that alcohol intake can increase the risk of cancers such as those affecting breast, liver and mouth. Surveys have shown that few people know that alcohol can be carcinogenic, and not just for those that drink heavily.

So hurrah for Balance for running the ad in the North East of England and let’s hope the message spreads 🙂  What did  you think of the ad?