Boozing having an impact on your finances?

Need a cheaper way to manage your drinking?

We have the answer with PoundPubs.  Yes folks you can get a pint for £1.50 and a half for £1.00. ‘More round for your pound!’

Spoof headline?

‘Fraid not.  First one has already opened in Manchester and the second one is due to open in Stockton on Tees.  Read more here.

Posted without comment because I just don’t know what to say (& because I was taught that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all).  What do you say?

6 thoughts on “PoundPubs

  1. Morning, doesn’t surprise me at all, these people are drug pushers, simples. Stockton is just down the road from me and is generally an area of great poverty, so it is not hard to see why these pushers have decided to take advantage. Thanks for posting xxx

    1. Morning Binks. Yep the location of them is telling. They are planning to launch UK wide so will be interesting to see where the others appear xx

  2. I dread to think of the mess the police will end up picking up as everyone piles out of these places at 11 or midnight. And then there’s the violence that they / we never see. x

  3. Once upon a time this would have been great news to me. I preferred to drink at home as it was A. cheaper and B. more private (ie less embarrassing and easier to fall asleep/pass out) Now it just amazes me that this legal drug is quite simply everywhere and no-one seems to want to do anything about it xx

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