Daily Archives: 10/05/2014

Permission given

Sometimes I don’t start something because I feel I need to be given permission before I think that it’s okay.  That ‘your own inner voice isn’t enough reason’ stuff that comes up when you are feeling small and not worthy.  Why is it that sometimes we feel that someone external has to validate how we feel and give us permission even when we know it is the right thing to do for us?

Well if you’re reading this and drinking and looking for someone to give you permission to stop then


I’m not saying that as some kind of expert just as another human being.  If you feel that drinking is not helping you and is holding you back then permission granted to stop.

I heard this and really liked it so am sharing it here too:

Go listen, it’s good.

Then if what you want badly enough is to stop drinking, you’ll find a way to get it 🙂

PS Today is the day we rock London by night.  Nike 10K London here I come!!  Paula Radcliffe is running with us too – how cool!  Afterwards I’m going for dinner out with my running buddy.  Tomorrow I will post up my run time and a picture of me post run and if you would like to sponsor me and support Alcohol Concern please go here  🙂