Booze Crystal Ball

Jumping to conclusions or mind reading, another skill of mine 😉

So when I was considering stopping drinking I thought that all sober people were boring and that any social event without booze would be dull.  So I completely jumped to the wrong conclusion and my fortune telling skills failed epically too.  I also thought that people would like me less sober because I was a mind reader too!

This thinking error means we reach false preliminary conclusions, usually negative ones too, with no evidence to support them.  In reality, I couldn’t have been further from the truth but you have to leap blindly first to find it out.  Or you lurk on sober blogs for a while and learn vicariously before you take the step yourself! 🙂

Jumping to conclusions is a common error because we are cognitive misers and these are “judgmental shortcuts that generally get us where we need to go – and quickly – but at the cost of occasionally sending us off course” (source)

How do we correct?

  • You’re probably sick of me saying this now BUT check for evidence
  • There is no benefit in just accepting something at perceived face value, challenge your thinking first and see if you were right, or most likely wrong!

fortune teller

Is anyone else as bad a fortune teller as me?

5 thoughts on “Booze Crystal Ball

  1. A bad fortune teller and a bad mind reader, me. Always trying to be someone I think other people want me to be, and it’s taken me forever to work out that since I can’t see inside their heads, it’s a doomed mission. Like at parties – I would drink to be more confident and interesting and funny so that people would like me more. Did it work? No idea. Can’t mind read. Just woke up with a headache and masses of paranoia about what I said to who. xx

    1. Hey MTM I was the same – thought the real me wasn’t good enough but drinking me was fab. Most of the time just ended up making a tit of myself xx

  2. Certainly a mind reader, always predicting that people are saying negative things about me, or at least thinking negative things. It all goes hand-in-hand with the low self esteem that I used drink to cover up. I’ve not got that safety blanket any more, but I also notice I don’t feel quite so paranoid since I gave up the booze, and my self esteem is returning slowly.

    1. Hey ATS Me too. They don’t call it ‘the fears’ for nothing! 😉

  3. I am trying really hard not to do this anymore because it is IMPOSSIBLE to see yourself through another person’s eyes. I still find myself doing it sometimes, though. Ha! Old habits are hard to break but it is so worthwhile to try to break them! Nice post, Lucy!

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