Social life stirrings

Previously I had posted that I was still struggling with my social life and how I felt about drinking when I was out socially around drinking venues and other drinkers.

But in the last few weeks I’ve noticed a shift.  My social life is improving and is reaching out to new groups and new ways of socialising that I just wouldn’t of considered before.

I’ve met some other lovely sober bloggers for lunch and cups of tea and am keen to do this again soon, but this time with cake 🙂

Secondly I have started going out with some friends at work.  We’ve been going for a bite to eat and then on to the cinema and we’ve done this a couple of times now and I really enjoy it.  Doing something where no one drinks is really odd but equally really nice.  When we first had a meal together I was struck by how no one at the table had an alcoholic drink and how weird that seemed – but for me, newly sober, how fantastically reassuring.  There is a social life out there where booze isn’t a pre-requisite!  Who knew?!

I’m lining up tickets to a gig soon too which will be breaking new ground for me but it’s a couple of months out yet and I’m beginning to feel that by then this will be less of a problem because not drinking will have become even more the ‘new normal’ for me.  Who needs booze to have a good time anyway? It would seem not me anymore, how ’bout you? 😉

10 thoughts on “Social life stirrings

  1. I found this too. I used to hate nights out unless they revolved around getting drunk. Now I prefer going to the cinema, theatre, book club. Have become a bit of a culture vulture! Still enjoy eating out but like going out for lunch ( where not drinking doesn’t draw any attention) or if in the evenings I like Thai food over say French. The whole vibe seems more geared to fizzy water than wine in these restaurants. Enjoy your burgeoning sober social life!

    1. Hey CycleSal Culture vulture – I like that 🙂 I agree about Thai food too, less expectation that you have to drink alcohol like you say. And I am!

  2. Like CycleSal I prefer eating out at lunch time, also if we have friends round, I find that easier at lunch time too… Whilst I still like to connect with friends, I am finding that I am enjoying “doing” things more than sitting around and chatting. We had friends round one night and played cards, which was great fun. And things like cinema / theatre / comedy are great sober. (On the flip side, sitting through Hamlet when you’re half cut is hard work and not at all rewarding.) And going for a great big hike for my birthday was just fab. Good luck with the gig! I haven’t done a music night out yet… Hope you enjoy!! xx

    1. MTM Lunches are better here too 🙂 The gig will be hard I suspect. They were my ‘breaks off’ events but if the music is good hopefully I won’t miss the booze xx

  3. How fun! I am enjoying more of a social life these days, too. I need to find more people who don’t drink, though. It is lovely not to worry too much about it anymore, though. I am glad for you! Being sober really gets better, doesn’t it? xo

    1. Hey Jen Happy Days! It does – apart from now when I am full of cold and felt the need to go to bed at 7.15 last night and am not long to bed today either xx

      1. Another 12 hour sleep, so 24 hours in the last 48 and I’m on the mend. Sleep really is the greatest healer 🙂 xx

  4. Social lives are always a challenge, for some at least. I am an introvert, and even when drinking it was solo. So I never had much of a social life to begin with…lol. But I know for many, social living equated to drinking. So going on the mend, without the bend, is a tough one. So I am happy to hear that you are slowly reaching out, and seeing that we can interact with others (gasp!) without a beer or glass of wine in hand.

    Awesome 🙂


    1. I know! Gasp *shock horror* there is a social life without booze – who knew!! 😉 xx

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