Drinking rituals

When I think back on my drinking it wasn’t just about drinking habits it was also about drinking rituals.  Interestingly when I looked at the word ‘rituals’ on Wiki it said this:

In psychology, the term ritual is sometimes used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of obsessive–compulsive disorder.

How very interesting?!

And I think for me it was a bit like this as I was a bit obsessive about my drinking.  What do I mean by that?  Well I had certain wine glasses that I preferred to drink out of – you know a ‘favourite’ and would be eager to replace them if they got broken.  I would always have spare wine in the house so we NEVER ran out.  The wine rack was filled regularly, the fridge always had a bottle of fizz, white and rose chilling in it (for unexpected guests of course!) and I used to love those supermarket offers that incentivised  me to buy even more.  Interestingly us UK folks love of a drink bargain may also be confirmed by recent University of Cambridge research that found end of aisle displays significantly increased sales of displayed products: 46% for spirits, 34% for wine and 23% for beer.  So it wasn’t just me then?

If I was having the lie-in the next morning at the w/end I would almost always stay up beyond Mr HOF and sink another couple of glasses and smoke a couple more fags – like I needed them?  Same with the fags had to always make sure there were 2 left in the pack for the following day.  Not nuts much huh?

Was it just me with the drinking rituals or does this all sound familiar to you too? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Drinking rituals

  1. I once read on a blog – “If I wasn’t planning for it, I was doing it and if I wasn’t doing it, I was recovering from it”. Whew….. these “rituals” took up an awful lot of space in our mental and physical lives!!!!

    1. Hey Bel thanks for reading and commenting. It felt like it took up all of my head space much of the time and definitely impacted on my physical wellbeing too. Glad to have the peace and well-being now 🙂

  2. i definitely get the same click in my head now when pouring myself a cranberry and tonic as I used to when twisting open that bottle of wine. which is a good thing because I can get the click without the booze. I remember when I stopped smoking saying to someone, “I miss disappearing outside for 10 minutes” and being astounded at their suggestion I could still slip away for a break but minus the fag. if it is the break or the signal we need that this is our time, it IS possible to disassociate that from alcohol. woof woof Mr Pavlov 😉

    btw have just had a C&T before lunch (it’s been a tough morning). am I on a slippery slope?! xx

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