Daily Archives: 10/06/2014

Reaching out

A Letter to …… Steve, a helpline Samaritan

In short you “reached out” and I got the message – if I took action and had an honest desire to get “clean and sober”, my life would change so positively that I would be totally amazed.

You were right. You did not exaggerate. As you said, addiction is the only illness in the world where, when you are in recovery, you feel better than you did before you got the illness.

Every year brought me more stability and happiness and less self-centred, obsessive behaviour. My need to use mind-altering substances has been removed. I’ve grown up. I have faced my demons. I have once more a family that loves me. In short, I have a “life”.

Beautiful letter printed in the Guardian last week-end.  The power of reaching out and recovery communities.  Read the full letter here.