100 days to go!!

So when I started this journey  it started with a Day 1.  And then I cobbled together 37 days on my own.  During those early days I was lucky enough to find Soberistas and Belle and then I began to share my journey with all of you here and I became a member of Team 100.

My involvement in the online sober blogging community grew, my daily blogging continued and then I graduated from Team 100 to Team 180.  During that time my sober connections turned from virtual to real with lunch and coffee shared with 3 other fellow sober bloggers.

There were up days and down days, emotional overwhelm days and ‘meh’ days but I did not drink.  I graduated again from Team 180 to Team 365 and found more online sober communities.  Thanks to other sober bloggers I found the Booze Free Brigade on Yahoo, the ‘Being Dry’ thread on Mumsnet and my sober community extended again.  So many people all doing the same thing and supporting each other in the process.

And here I am at Day 265 and it seems only right that I now count down to day 365 when I will have achieved one whole year without booze!!  I will not falter at this point and it seems only right to count down the last 100 days in the same way that I counted up those first 100 days 🙂

So my counter at the bottom of my post will reappear so I can mark the importance of this most amazing milestone.  One I never in a million years thought I would reach.  But I’m not there yet …….

100 days to go 😉

17 thoughts on “100 days to go!!

  1. love that idea! don’t these numbers seem ridiculously large, now? two hundred and sixty five for you! was peeking at your early day posts recently from before I ‘met’ you online. it was awesome seeing you finding your blogging voice, knowing what you had ahead of you 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sharon. Need to start planning my 1 year sober-versary reward!

  2. Congrats Lucy! You have had an amazing journey and you have changed and grown and learned each day how to do this sober thing with many supportive people around you! I think that was the key for me too, the support of others carried my through. Thank you! Hugs.

    1. Thanks Maggie! Couldn’t have done it without everyone as you say 🙂

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