Physical Health Check in (3)

So each couple of months I’ve been doing a kind of physical health MOT on myself and seeing what differences I note.  You can read my previous two check in’s here and here.

Now at 9 months this is what I see:

If the doctor had asked me to stick my tongue out and say ‘ahhh’ 9 months ago it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.  Alcohol dehydrates and depletes the body of folic acid and leaves you with a lovely white coated and split furry tongue.  Yum!  Now it is lovely and pink and no coatings of any kind.

Not constantly swilling my mouth with red wine on a daily basis means my teeth are whiter, although gallons of tea has replaced this and that can also stain your teeth.

In the last six years I’ve spent a small mortgage on expensive face products, daily microfoliants, moisturisers etc trying to make my skin look better.  A colleague commented to me only last week how well I looked and how I no longer looked ‘grey’.  Said expensive products finally working?  Nope, that’ll be quitting the drink.  I’m going to save a fortune!!

I used to suffer with terrible hay fever every summer and used to start taking anti-histamines in May and not stop until October.  Not this year.  Haven’t taken one tablet as hasn’t been necessary.  This is because beer, wine and other spirits contain histamines – the chemical that sets off allergy symptoms in the body, effectively worsening any hay fever symptoms you have.

The only negative symptom I have had recently is pain in my right deltoid and bicep muscles (so shoulder and upper arm).  My osteopath says that it is referred liver pain as the nerves that serve the liver also serve this area.  I see this as a good sign that the liver is healing after all the abuse it took.  Ironically this is my drinking arm so I just see it as a way of my body reminding me that going back to drinking is a bad idea!!

91 days to go

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