Mrs D you are amazeballs!!

I have just finished watching Mrs D’s interview on New Zealand TV and feel compelled to share it!


I watched this and cried because it resonated so deeply with me and because I so admire what you have done and continue to do.

When I first started sober blogging you were the first person to comment on my blog and I will be eternally grateful to you for reaching out to me from across the globe, through the power of the internet, to let me know I was not alone.

I one day would so love to meet you in real life and give you the biggest hug and say thank you in person.

You are changing lives and that is just amazing to me 🙂

Shine on you sober warrior!

90 days to go



20 thoughts on “Mrs D you are amazeballs!!

  1. I watched this last night and cried too. She was awesome. Was really impressed by her husband’s support for her, too. I read so much of her blog in the week leading up to me quitting, old posts in order from when she first “went without” … it was almost like having someone take me by the hand and say, look, come on, you can do this, walk with me. Oh, she’s just brilliant. xx

    1. Hey MTM She’s an inspiration isn’t she? Am so keen to find out what she is doing next with the website project they mentioned at the end of the tv piece and shall be taking notes. We so need something like this here that has the Govt’s backing and endorsement xx

  2. Amazing! I cried, too. Then I showed the video to my husband. He’s been supportive, but as a normie, he can’t really understand my descent into alcoholism and the work it’s taking to stay on the sober path. I must still feel some shame about it because I wouldn’t even watch the video with him. But afterwards, I said, “She’s just like me. This is what it’s been like for me. This is why I spend so much time on the computer every day reading my sober blogs.” And he hugged me and said he was proud of me. That’s at the top of my gratitude list today. Thank you, Mrs.D!! And thanks to you, Lucy, and other sober bloggers for sharing your wisdom & courage and for giving me a safe space to talk about these very personal feelings & experiences. You ALL rock!! 🙂

    1. God she has all crying doesn’t she?! It’s the feeling of connection and knowing that I’m not alone that hits me in the solar plexus and I’ve been fighting back tears all day whenever I think about it. So glad it’s enabled you to talk to your husband about it – it’s worth it’s weight in gold for that alone 🙂 Thank you to for the kind words too, we all lean on each other which makes it easier to bear xx

  3. So loved this video and the blog…I made it to 4 months and then fell off and it has been totally miserable….shall pass this on to my daughters also to whom I have passed on the alcohol demon…Shall try again to get back on track…it was pure happiness not drinking!

    1. Hi Sandra Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 Firstly congrats on your 4 months sober stint! I used to do a few months at a time and then start drinking again so know how it feels. It is the most fabulous video and blog and hopefully will help strengthen your resolve to get back on track. Hope your daughters will appreciate it to x

      1. Thank-you so much…for posting a comment, it made me cry and thanks that you also have been where I am right now!

      2. You are most welcome and as Mrs D would say ‘you are not alone’ 🙂

    2. Hey Sandra, me too, I made it too 70 days and then fell off! You are right it was pure happiness not drinking. But we can get back on track!

  4. How have you managed to watch this? I am in UK- big fan of Mrs D- but I cannot get it to play on my ipad!

    1. Hi Finally Dawned. Watched it on laptop not on ipad so would suggest trying that. Nice to meet you 🙂

      1. Hi Gillian Maybe email Mrs D and ask if they have any plans to upload to Youtube? Don’t know what else to suggest.

      2. I can play it ok on my iMac although found I couldn’t pause it without going back to the beginning

      3. Just a thought – have you tried a different browser? I was watching on my pc laptop through Firefox, MrHOF watched it on his iMac using Safari. Were you trying to to watch on Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer? Try watching it using a different browser 🙂

  5. Yes she has had us all in tears. I had to watch in in 2 halves as I got so emotional. Her previous post where she repeatedly wrote ‘you are NOT alone’ really got me going too! I’m another one who managed 70 days and thought I would try moderation. Ha bloody ha! I am now trying to get my head into the right space to give it another go. It is just so nice to know that you guys have been there and done that and know exactly how I feel. This is why Mrs wonderful D writes so powerfully – she really does understand!

    1. Oh Jude 70 days is a great achievement in terms of resting your liver before diving back into some more alcohol research! 😉 You’ll get back on the sober horse and we’ll all be here cheering for you when you do 🙂

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