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Lipstick and Liquor

I have fairly recently become a member of the Booze Free Brigade on Yahoo Groups who are a fabulous bunch of folks supporting each other privately on their journeys and I am learning so much from being around them and being part of the conversation.  I really recommend it!

Anyways a film was mentioned as part of a discussion that I had not heard of and I will be watching it at some point this week-end.  The film is titled ‘Lipstick and Liquor’ and this is the synopsis and link.

A cold, December day. A mystery unfolds.

Thirty-nine year old Julie Kroll stumbles away from a minor car accident, leaving behind her eight-year old daughter… and an open container of alcohol. As darkness descends, she disappears.

‘Lipstick & Liquor’ explores the secret in the suburbs. A growing number of women are abusing alcohol and becoming alcohol dependent. DUI arrests of women are up 30% from a decade ago, while arrests for men are down. Binge drinking among women is also on the rise. Yet, if you were to ask a woman’s friends and family if she has a drinking problem, they might very well say no. The reason? Women are more likely to drink alone and to hide it. Their problem is less likely to be recognized by a doctor and more likely to reach advanced stages before it’s discovered.

The documentary begins with the haunting story of Kroll, a suburban mother from Woodbridge, VA, who goes missing after a minor car crash in the dead of winter. While family and friends search desperately, a seemingly indifferent police department and a blinding blizzard hamper attempts to find her.

As the story develops, ‘Lipstick & Liquor’ introduces us to four remarkable women who have faced their own battles with alcohol addiction and triumphed. Each one has an amazing story that will resonate with viewers and touch other women who may recognize themselves in these heartfelt accounts.

The film seeks to shake off the stigma associated with women who drink and to provide understanding and insight into the struggle to stay sober. ‘Lipstick & Liquor’ includes expert commentary from medical researchers, addiction specialists, and authors who shed light on the conditions impacting the increase in excessive alcohol use among American women.

The documentary was released in 2012 and lasts 80 mins.  You can buy it via Amazon, iTunes and others or you can rent it to watch.  Let me know any feedback if you watch it too 🙂

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