Daily Archives: 02/07/2014

Playing the drinking tape forward

One of the tips that was given to me when I first stopped drinking was that if I ever thought about having a drink I should play the tape forward to the end of the night.  So don’t focus on the first glass, focus on the last and the state I would probably have been in by that point.  And that’s what I did thinking about the drunken stupor I would be in, the stupid things I might have said or done or the row with MrHOF I might have had.  As a deterrent it was pretty effective.

While running today I was thinking about this and it reminded me of a Drink Driving TV ad campaign that ran here in the UK in 2008.

Here it is:

This ad uses the same approach – playing the tape forward in a very powerful and shocking way.  I’m quite a literal person, so sometimes struggle with visual learning, so if you are like me and struggle to play the tape forward in your head then maybe this will help.

There’s also this one which is a more subtle ‘play your life forward’

I’m not usually a fan of shock tactic adverts but I really liked these.  What do you think?

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