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UK Recovery Walk

I learned about this from Sobermalarky and commented on her blog when she posted about it that I would like to join her.  This is what she said on her blog:

The UK Recovery Walk  is a charity that is very much about bringing recovery advocacy out onto the streets. In its 7th year, it will be bringing 8 to 10,000 people to the streets of Manchester to celebrate their and their loved ones’ recovery. It will conclude with a big party in the Castlefield basin

This is taken from their website:

Join thousands of people in recovery, their families and friends for the biggest gathering of recovering people in Europe
as we walk through Manchester celebrating and advocating for recovery.
The UK Recovery Walk has become an annual event that combine the celebration of recovery with advocacy activities.  This year on Saturday 13th of September 2014 at Castlefield Arena, Manchester we have grown in reputation, numbers and capacity.  It starts at 12 midday.

I will be travelling up to Manchester to be a part of this as I would like to have more people in my real life who are in recovery to touch base with.  It also happens to be one week before I hit my one year soberversary so I plan on having tea and cake! 🙂  I would like to invite anyone who also seeks more real life sober friends in their journey to join me at this event.  If you are interested then drop me an email and we can arrange to meet up!  Meeting fellow sober bloggers earlier in my time really helped me and supported my desire to continue.

Maybe I’ll see you there? 😉

70 days to go