Sun, sea, sand and sober

waxham sands

Well now that the summer holidays are finally here it is time to take a break.  Me, MrHOF and the kids are heading to the beach for a long week-end in our camper-van so I won’t be about for the next few days.  The final ‘first’ in my sober repertoire that needs to be nailed.

As well as it being a holiday away from home I’ve decided to make it a cyber holiday too.  So no internet, mobile phones or other technology.  Just my family and me and the great outdoors and hopefully good British weather!!  Yes I could have scheduled posts to go up while I’m away but I would have been fretting about replying to comments so the safest thing to do is just go cold turkey.

As blogging has been my biggest coping strategy since giving up the booze I’m interested to see how I get on when I’m not thinking about drinking or thinking about writing about drinking and recovery!  Time to give my brain a well earned rest and to be totally present for my family with no distractions.  I have worried in the past 10 months if blogging has become a bit of a cross-addiction for me, replacing the drinking thing, so this will be a good test 🙂

I’ll be back to posting and responding to any comments on the 29th so see you then 😉

I’ll miss you of that I’m sure …..

58 days to go

9 thoughts on “Sun, sea, sand and sober

  1. have a great time! will try not to misbehave while you are gone. or leave apple cores behind the cushions of your blog 😉 xx

    1. Thanks Prim 🙂 Please do leave remnants of salted caramel chocolate behind the cushions of my blog 😉 xx

  2. Enjoy your family time. 🙂 everybody needs to unplug now and then! xx

    1. Thanks lori 🙂 We leave at lunch time hence why I’m still here commenting. Will turn the lights out soon though! 😉 xx

  3. Hope you’re having a lovely time! I also unplugged for a few days last week, and though I missed my sober blogs, I think the break was good. And yes – time to concentrate on other people and things! Sober holidays I think will take a bit of getting used to. The days were fine, I felt a little weird in the evenings, though the kids went to bed so late, I wasn’t far behind them! Got a two week trip coming up though, and I don’t know whether I am more worried about doing it sober, or doing it without internet. Hmmm. Look fwd to your posts again when you’re back 🙂 xx

    1. I did have a lovely time MTM and actually life without internet was as doable as life without booze! 🙂 xx

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