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Alcohol + boredom = banned advert

Alcohol Concern recently reported that drinks giant Diageo has been ordered to remove a social media advert.

A complaint about irresponsible alcohol advertising been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Diageo have been told their social media advert for Captain Morgan’s rum breached responsible advertising regulations.

The complaint about the social media post, which showed Captain Morgan raising a glass with text stating “Wednesday. I’m declaring war on mid-week boredom”, has now been banned and must not be shown again in its current form.

The complaint focused on the suggestion that alcohol could overcome boredom, contrary to the advertising rules.

Tom Smith, Policy Programme Manager at Alcohol Concern said: “It’s outrageous that an enormous multi-national company such as Diageo, with marketing budgets of millions, is failing to comply with the advertising codes.”

“Exposure to alcohol marketing increases drinking amongst children and young people. This age group spends more time online, particularly on social media than any other. Yet alcohol advertising on social media is woefully under-controlled; it is like the wild-west.”

“To better protect children and tackle patterns of alcohol misuse, we need regulation independent from the advertising and drinks industries, with sanctions that genuinely deter companies from breaking the rules”

I tell you what it was pretty boring for me as a nurse to have to care for injured and vomiting p*ssed up people in an A&E dept on a Wednesday night too.  Declaring war indeed ……

50 days to go