Daily Archives: 03/08/2014

Old Before My Time

Following on from my comment in yesterday’s post about nursing people harmed by alcohol when they pitch up at A&E here is a documentary which aired here in the UK last October called ‘Old Before My Time’ that prompted me to write the Guardian article that you can read here.

In fact my piece was underneath a feature article following up with the young lady Jo included in this documentary about alcohol.  She is awaiting a liver transplant for cirrhosis and you see her having an ascitic tap performed, where they drain 23 litres from her abdomen over a 6 hour period which she has to have done every 3 weeks.  She was drinking  up to 3 bottles of wine a day for the last 5 years of her drinking career.  She is only 35.

This programme is a stark reminder of the danger of poisoning yourself and the damage that booze does to the body if consumed on a regular basis, whether through daily drinking or bouts of week-end only binge drinking.

This documentary mirrors my own nursing experience caring for those compromised by alcohol.

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