The power of sober

This was shared on FB recently and I love it.

My friend Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.

Running towards life – that appeals to both my running persona and my sober persona.

This video is a rare thing in the UK.  I appreciate that A Royal Hangover is coming and that will change things.  An 18 year old lad, Burberry cap, booze and bong is so typical but his openness in talking about his journey and how getting sober has benefited him is not.  Great stuff Gareth Bowler! 🙂

47 days to go

12 thoughts on “The power of sober

  1. Is there a link to this Im hopeless with tech and can’t find it? 🙁

    1. You are most welcome Gareth – this is an amazing and inspiring video 🙂

  2. we got loads of attention through your post, just tracing back through the stats! the more we can share this with the better! thanks again!

  3. Hey, I found your blog and I found some excellent stuff to quit alcohol. This video is really inspiring. I like how this person overcome his addiction. It has been a great transformation from an addict to an athletic body. Anyone who gives up alcohol has lot of respect from me. Even I have been sober for a year now and I am enjoying life.

    1. Hey Bobby Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Also congrats on your years sobriety and so happy to hear you are enjoying life without alcohol 🙂

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