Daily Archives: 07/08/2014

Living Sober

So Mrs D’s new site Living Sober went live yesterday!  If you haven’t checked it out and joined yet then you should head over to: http://www.livingsober.org.nz/

Of course I’ve joined up and I’ll be commenting over there as hangoverfree 🙂  I’ve had a quick scoot round and it looks fabulous with lots of resources such as a sober toolbox including reading material, alternative drinks, sober treats and tips on socialising sober and getting through trigger/craving time.  But it is also so much more than that as a community space to share and support each other.  It is completely free and open to all of us where ever we are in the world.

What I am most impressed (and jealous) about is that it is backed by the New Zealand Health Promotion Agency (ARE YOU LISTENING PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND!!) and the New Zealand Drug Foundation and Matua Raki (National Addiction Workforce Development).  A superb example of a country using joined up thinking and working to try to tackle an issue on a national scale.  As a health care professional and public health nurse I would give my right arm for something like this in the UK rather than an industry led charity funded mis-mash that we have here.  Don’t get me wrong the charities working in this field do an amazing job and without them there would be even less than there is now.  But we could do so much more than we are to tackle this issue here if the Govt recognised it and prioritised as a health issue rather than a law and  order issue.  As Russell Brand said “We need to start regarding addiction, in all it’s forms, as a health issue as opposed to a judicial and criminal issue”.

All I can do for now is watch, learn and admire from afar the joint venture between Mrs D and the New Zealand agencies involved.  And dream ………..

45 days to go