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The Road to Recovery

I was recently contacted by Sober College in California.  Here is some information taken from their website:

Sober College, located in Los Angeles, California, is an exclusive provider of drug and alcohol treatment services for young adults age 17 to 26. Our innovative drug rehab center is designed to help young adults not only overcome drug abuse and addiction and other co-occuring disorders, but also to learn to live a successful, happy sober life.

Now being a public health nurse that works with young people I find this idea both amazing and brilliant so when they asked me to share an infographic they had designed called ‘The Road to Recovery’ I had no hesitation in saying yes! 🙂

The infographic was designed to assist friends or family members concerned about a loved one’s possible addiction, and to highlight the different steps along the way to recovery. It can be found on our website here.


(click on image to enlarge)

I appreciate that this may not be the way things would work in the UK due to the differences in health care systems but seeing as 50% of my readership is from the US it seems only right to cater to my global audience 🙂

If only we were a fraction as forward thinking as the US when it came to addiction and recovery …..

maybe I could go study their treatment model on site for a week or two? 😉 😀

44 days to go